Community Climate Finance


The $27 billion Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund (GGRF) created opportunities for TruFund to partner with the best in class local and federal institutions that are passionate about combating climate change to address the climate crisis.  TruFund created the national clean energy practice to invest in low-income and disadvantaged communities, and to reduce emissions and create a cleaner environment for our society.  CCF is just an extension of the work we already do in the communities we serve.  These communities are susceptible to natural disasters and have historically been neglected.  The creation of this business line is a testament of TruFund’s mission to create innovative financial solutions that revitalize communities, create jobs, and close racial and economic disparities while promoting an inclusive and equitable society.

Our ability to lead this very important initiative is a testament to the impact we have made in low-income and disadvantaged communities since inception. We are well positioned to execute upon our strategy to incorporate this line of business into our existing suite of product offerings.



The CCF product offering complements the existing Real Estate Acquisition Program (RAP), Impact Developers Fund (IDF)/Entrepreneur Developers Fund (EDF), New Markets Tax Credit (NMTC), and Contractor Lending platforms, which is an extension of TruFund’s mission to lend to clients serving low-income and disadvantaged communities.

CCF loans will be structured as either a Term Loan, Predevelopment Loan, RAP Loan, or Contractor Mobilization Loan with a maximum term of seven years. A detailed summary of the lending products is as follows:

Term Loan - Loans to multifamily properties for-profit and non-profit owners will be in the form of a Term Loan to fund energy efficiency and decarbonization equipment purchases and installations. Loans may also be extended to manufacturers, commercial property owners, school districts, and colleges/universities to install energy efficiency products including, but not limited to, heating and cooling systems, solar panels, windows, and the purchase of electric school buses.

Predevelopment Loan - Loans to owners of new construction projects to fund expenses pertaining to energy audits, architectural/engineering reports, and costs of designing sustainable buildings.

RAP Loan - Loans to small business owners to install energy efficiency and/or decarbonization equipment with the purchase of owner-occupied real estate. May be combined with RAP mortgage financing.

Contractor Mobilization Loan - Loans will be in the form of a short-term bridge loan to contractors and subcontractors to provide capital necessary to purchase energy efficient and decarbonizing supplies and equipment for preservation and new construction projects, such as clean heating technology, cooling equipment, windows, and solar panels to satisfy contractual agreements.