RENEW – A Small Business Resiliency Program

A substantial number of disaster-affected businesses never recover. More than 40 percent of businesses never reopen after a disaster, and for those that do, only 30 percent remain open after two years.

TruFund’s RENEW Small Business Resiliency Program is informed and led by subject matter experts and tailored to address the unique needs of small businesses before, during, and after disasters in disaster-prone communities. This program also helps business owners learn to proactively and strategically plan and manage resources to prevent a lapse in operations during the critical time following business disruption when businesses are most at risk of failing.

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Participating businesses will:

  • Learn how to prepare a comprehensive business resiliency plan, which identifies risks to business operations, safety, and function, including how to access adequate business insurance coverage
  • Address human resources and facilities management needs of mobilized employees, impacted equipment, and plant resources post-business disruption.
  • Learn strategies to manage essential documentation, support adequate file and inventory management, protection of critical information, and facilitation of stakeholder communication

Upon completion, business owners will leave the RENEW Program with:

  • Strategies for insulating your business from disruptions or fluctuations in business revenue
  • Methodologies to be more proactive and positive in the midst of a crisis
  • Tools to identify opportunities for your business to build networks, access capital, and participate in recovery efforts post disaster

Sessions and topics include:

  • Building a resilient business
  • Understanding and mitigating risk
  • Business continuity planning
  • Know your resources – federal, state, and local
  • Managing small business taxes and accounting
  • Technology and records management
  • Communicating in crisis
  • Resilient human resources
  • Small business contracts, negotiations, and the law
  • Accessing capital for growth, recovery, and opportunity