Women in Business: An EmpowHERment Program

This program provides business and financial management training for women entrepreneurs. Sessions address, discuss, and train participants on topics such as work-life balance, creating a marketing strategy, preparing to access capital, developing an effective business pitch, and business certification.

The Women in Business Program is delivered in three separate tiers:

  • Tier I – BuildHER – Six weeks of fundamental business and financial education to support improved business savvy, strategic planning, and better business practices.
  • Tier II – PitchHER – Five weeks of pitch preparation and planning support from a professional pitch coach and team; compete for prizes and learn to adapt your pitch for everyday encounters.
  • Tier III – CertifyHER – Five weeks of small group and individualized support in preparing for and submitting your application for the Women-Owned Small Business Certification (WOSB); along with guidance on how to identify opportunities and market your certified business.

This is not just a program, it’s a movement. Through our Women In Business: An EmpowHERment Program, we provide innovative financial solutions, education, hands-on business advisory services as well as the social and intellectual capital essential for achieving economic success. We believe that through our services, EmpowHERment can truly happen thus reducing gender inequality in entrepreneurship.

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TruFund Financial Services, Inc. has developed a comprehensive business and financial training program to enhance the business acumen of participating women entrepreneurs. The trainings, led by industry experts, range from general business topics to life-work balance challenges, management, strategy, marketing, accessing capital, credit building and effectively delivering a business pitch to potential investors.


This course focuses on preparing women entrepreneurs to become capital-ready and understand how lenders evaluate requests for capital. A key component of this course focuses on access to capital. We will offer loan packaging assistance and support the assembling of information and materials necessary to submit a successful funding request.


This course helps women entrepreneurs learn how to effectively identify their target market and how to best reach their target market through innovative marketing best practices.


This course focuses on topics such as Human Resources for Entrepreneurs, 9 Best Practices for Growing a Small Team, HR for Entrepreneurs and the Top 5 HR Mistakes made by small businesses.


This course focuses on topics to help guide women entrepreneurs in adapting to the ever changing business environment. We will also offer resiliency training helping entrepreneurs to become more resilient businesses able to mobilize in the wake of any sudden business interruption whether natural disaster or man-made.


This course will give women entrepreneurs a better understanding of how to use certifications to grow their businesses. Each participant receives hands-on assistance packaging their federal Women Owned Small Business Certification. Participating entrepreneurs will also receive information on other certifications available in their region.


The pitch can either get her business off the ground or sink it. This course is designed to teach women entrepreneurs how to effectively pitch her business ideas to investors. Participants will learn how to pitch to their audiences via her unique story, while ensuring investors get all the information they need to make an informed decision to invest.

For more information about the Women in Business program,
please contact us at 346-388-4848 or info@trufund.org.

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