Disaster Relief

TruFund Financial Services, Inc. has long roots in post-disaster support and disaster preparedness. TruFund has become known for providing expedited financing that allows small businesses to quickly resume operations and retain its employees. TruFund’s work in this area began by providing assistance for small businesses impacted by 9/11 in Lower Manhattan. Since then, TruFund has provided recovery finance and technical services for small businesses in the wake of Hurricanes Sandy (New York); Katrina, Rita, Gustav & Ike (Louisiana). Other examples include TruFund’s highly regarded Fisheries Assistance Center in Louisiana, which provided much needed support following the BP oil spill from 2008-2016, and most recently 2016 Louisiana flooding through the Restore Louisiana Small Business Loan Program.

A substantial number of disaster-affected businesses never recover; more than 40% never reopen after a natural disaster, according to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). For the remaining 60% of businesses that do reopen, less than one third remain in operation after two years.

Of disaster-affected businesses:

TruFund Financial Services, Inc. aims to increase the number of businesses that are able to recover, reopen and remain resilient in the wake of disaster by providing:

Access to Capital
Disaster Preparedness and Recovery Education
Resiliency Planning
One – To – One Technical Assistance

TruFund has operated multiple successful small business disaster recover programs over the past 15 years:

New York: 9/11

450 Loans totaling over $24,000,000
800 Grants totaling $8,000,000

Louisiana: Louisiana Hurricanes

Issued over $19,000,000 in loans and relief grants to 1068 Small Businesses

New York: NW Queens Power Outage

201 Loans totaling $1,500,000

New York: Grand Central Explosion

74 Loans totaling $583,500

New York: Hurricane Sandy

4 Loans totaling $775,000

Louisiana: Restore Louisiana Small Business Loan Program

Currently deploying Disaster Relief Loans

TruFund Disaster Relief Headquarters:
935 Gravier Street, Suite 1120, New Orleans, LA 70112, 504.293.5550