Nonprofit Organizations

Nonprofit organizations may find themselves pinched, especially in a down economy: trying to meet payments for general expenses while at the same time sustaining or even upgrading inadequate technologies or facilities.

TruFund Financial provides a variety of loans for such situations that nonprofit organizations face, including:

Bridge or cash flow loan

This type of loan can help an organization respond to delays in contract payments or government funding, allowing expenses to be paid in the interim. While banks may make these loans, interest rates or underwriting standards may be prohibitive. TruFund Financial can provide more flexible, affordable loan terms.

Working capital loan

Many organizations face challenges in maintaining working capital for administrative and overhead costs. The need for working capital loans is especially strong in workforce development, youth development, and other human services, which tend to rely heavily on government funding that can be delayed.

Capital/equipment financing loan

Some nonprofits lack funds to invest in technology, equipment, or facilities needed to keep their organizations and programs up to date. TruFund Financial can help overcome this obstacle with an affordable capital/equipment financing loan.

Ready to apply?

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