Registration is now open for the following programs in Louisiana, Texas, Georgia, Alabama and New York

Financial Empowerment
(Financial Power Hour)

Get your financial books in order!
A five-week program designed to help small business owners gain critical insight into their financial business health to position themselves to make better financial management decisions. Clients also have access to additional assistance with financial planning and management.

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RENEW - A Small Business Resiliency Program

Are you prepared for your next threat or opportunity?
A seven-week program designed to help your business develop proactive strategies for business growth; and resiliency during business interruptions.

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Women in Business – An EmpowHERment Program

Come be EmpowHERed!
This program provides business and financial management training for women entrepreneurs; including, work-life balance, creating a marketing strategy, preparing to access capital, developing an effective business pitch, and business certification. This program is delivered in three separate tiers.

  • Tier I – BuildHER – Six weeks of fundamental business and financial education to support improved business savvy, strategic planning, and better business practices.
  • Tier II – PitchHER – Five weeks of pitch preparation and planning support from a professional pitch coach and team; compete for prizes and learn to adapt your pitch for everyday encounters.
  • Tier III – CertifyHER – Five weeks of small group and individualized support in preparing for and submitting your application for the Women-Owned Small Business Certification (WOSB); along with guidance on how to identify opportunities and market your certified business.
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TruAccess Contractors Education Program

Are you looking to grow your business through contracts?
This program provides tailored support for small business owners and micro-entrepreneurs seeking to grow and sustain their business through new and proven methods to identify and secure contracting opportunities.

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EMPOWER by GoDaddy

A five-week premium digital marketing program to help businesses establish an effective digital presence.

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