Business Development & Advisory Services

TruFund’s lending activities are supported by our business development services. TruFund offers a diverse array of topics and customized technical assistance (TA) in core areas.  TruFund provides services that are tailored for disadvantaged entrepreneurs and microenterprises that are seeking financing or technical assistance.

The main objectives of these technical assistance programs are to provide disadvantaged entrepreneurs and micro enterprises with the tools and skills needed to maintain successful operations, capitalize upon growth opportunities, assist them to access affordable capital, and successfully manage debt.

Our services consist of capacity building workshops, round tables, and panels throughout the year coordinated in collaboration with local agencies and community partners. The support services include areas such as: business planning, access to financing, loan-readiness, bookkeeping, marketing, and cash flow management.


  • Financial Empowerment Program
  • TruFund’s Women In Business (An EmpowHERment Program)
  • TruAccess® Contractor Program


  • One-To-One Business Development Consulting
  • Group Training and Workshops
  • Business Assessments
  • Loan Packaging and Bonding Assistance


  • Since 2014, 5,732 business owners attended training
  • More than 1,617 clients have received one-to-one counseling
  • TruFund has facilitated 283 workshops for business success
  • TruFund has delivered more than 700 hours of group training to business owners

For more information about our Business Development and Advisory Services, please contact us at or call us at: (212) 204-1303 or contact your local office.