TruImpact® in New York | New Jersey

Through our business advisory services and programs, small business lending, and partner initiatives, TruFund Financial Services, Inc. has made a #TruImpact in the lives of underserved small businesses and the communities they serve in New York and New Jersey.

Learn more about our small business and community impact through our success stories and market data.

Success Stories

Sharing the stories of our clients is the most powerful way to show how we advance economic opportunity for people, businesses, and communities. Read the success stories of some of the businesses we’ve helped in New York and New Jersey.

E.A.T. Culinary Professional Inc.

E.A.T. Culinary Professional Inc. is a full-service food company that provides various culinary services to its communities, such as catering, banquet services, and food education with menu planning and healthy eating. James Paterson, the current C.E.O. and Beverage Director, has over thirty years of culinary experience. In 2009, James and his team established the E.A.T. initiative to combat obesity in the youth and develop healthy eating habits in socio-economically disadvantaged communities... Read more >

The Sill

The Sill was created by Eliza Blank in 2012 with a simple philosophy: “Plants make people happy.” The business was founded with the mission of bringing plants into people’s everyday life by offering stylish plants and pots tailored to the individual’s personal style and budget. To fit the lifestyle of a fast-paced urban setting, all of their products are chosen to be easy-to-care-for plants that thrive in an indoor environment... Read more >

Los Niños Services, Inc.

Los Niños Services, Inc. is an award winning multilingual agency serving the developmental needs of young children and their families. They specialize in home and community-based evaluations and services, parent/child groups, service coordination and training for early childhood professionals, parents and students. Known for their quality and excellence of service, they help over 1,200 families every year. Their staff consists of bilingual, licensed professionals, certified in fields like special education, speech pathology, psychology, physical therapy, and more. Simply put, their mission is to serve the underserved and be of great service to others... Read more >

Tri-State Biodiesel, LLC

Tri-State Biodiesel collects material from 3,500 restaurants in New Jersey, Connecticut, and New York. The oil is then delivered to its Hunts Point rendering facility where it is filtered and purified into a product ready for chemical processing, which is then sold to processing facilities that further process the oil and produce biodiesel. The company’s largest customer is Northern Biodiesel, a processing facility in Ontario, NY representing 50% of sales. In addition to Northern Biodiesel, Tri-State Biodiesel works with 40 other facilities to purchase rendered oil... Read more >

Market Data

One of the best testaments of our work and #TruImpact is the data we’ve collected about the funding we’ve awarded and training we’ve provided to our small business clients. Check out the Market Data for New York and New Jersey.

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