Executive & Senior Management

Executive Leadership

James H. Bason
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Monica Edwards
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Charles Foster
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Matthew Shapiro
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Michael Vaugh
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Robert Benitez
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Kim Carter Evans, PhD., MBA
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Brian Gurski
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Seth Manoff
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Senior Management

Naomi Baruch

Vice President | New Markets Tax Credit

Vera Booker

Vice President | Manager of Assets & Compliance

Ramy Hennedy

Vice President | Director of Finance

Marcos Reyes

Vice President | Manager of Lending Operations

Deorannie Singh

Vice President | Credit & Compliance

Desiree Thomas

Vice President | Director of Climate Finance

Mark Brazier

Vice President | Manager of Contract Financing

Brianna Gavigan

Vice President | Manager Resource Development

Jerrel Duffy, Jr.

Vice President | Impact Investments

Pia Longarini

Vice President | Compliance Manager

Veronica Reyes

Vice President | Deputy Director of National Operations

Elliot Teitelbaum

Vice President | Portfolio Manager