Small Business Lending in Louisiana

In Louisiana, TruFund Financial has approved more than $33 million in small business loans since 2006.

Louisiana Businesses Well Represented Through TruFund Financial

Our customers represent a wide range of small businesses from across the state of Louisiana. Industries include fisheries, the restaurant industry, arts/culture, construction, trucking/transportation, professional services, agriculture, and retail sectors. Recently, we have been serving an especially diverse spectrum of small businesses, including child care providers, contractors, non-profit organizations, accountants, business consultants, lawyers, and retail shops.

We offer loans to small businesses that struggle to access affordable capital from traditional sources of lending. TruFund Financial’s loans, which target low-income communities, range from $50,000 to $350,000.

What a Difference a Loan Makes

Our loans have made a substantial difference for many businesses. We have offered business assistance, helping borrowers to develop disaster recovery plans, business plans and strategic growth plans.

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Louisiana Loan Programs

Restore Louisiana Revolving Loan Fund
The purpose of the Restore Louisiana Revolving Loan Fund is to provide access to capital for small businesses located in one of Louisiana’s 51 parishes impacted by the 2016 floods that were previously covered by the Restore Louisiana Opportunity of Community Development (OCD) Loan Fund.
Terms and Conditions​​
  • Locations: Businesses located in Louisiana parishes impacted by the 2016 floods that were previously covered by the Restore Louisiana OCD Loan Fund
  • Amount: Up to $200,000
  • Loan Structure: Term loan/Non-Revolving Line of Credit
  • Terms: Up to five years
  • Interest Rate: 7-10%
  • Application Fee: $250
  • Closing Fee: 3%
  • Credit: Must have at least a 600 credit score (below 600 may be approved in certain circumstances)
  • Minimum Debt-Service Coverage Ratio: 1.10x
  • Repayment terms: Monthly P&I payments (may have interest-only period)