Business Advisory Services in New York | New Jersey

Financial Empowerment

Whether a business is just starting up or is established, an understanding of the fundamentals of small business financial management can always be strengthened. TruFund’s Financial Empowerment program helps business owners take control of their finances so they can be profitable, monitor performance, manage their back-office, and qualify for financing. Delivered through four workshops, the topics of this program include:

  • Make Money: Planning for Profitability
  • Learn the Tools: Understanding Financial Statements
  • Take Control: Formalizing your Financial Management
  • Record-Keeping Systems
  • Get Capital: Qualifying for Financing
Business Scalability Program

Growth in a small business can raise incomes, create jobs, and build wealth. However, to unlock these benefits, a business must first be scalable. This means that a business is structured and operated in a way that it can handle greater volume and larger projects more effectively, efficiently, and profitably. This transformative program helps businesses learn and implement the fundamentals of scalability including business process design, profitability analysis, financial performance monitoring, and business valuation. The program is delivered through six expert training sessions with one-on-one advisory support between sessions to facilitate understanding and real-time application. Participants will leave the program with a clear plan for ensuring the scalability of their enterprises as well as concrete action steps taken toward their goals.

Industrial Business Leadership Program

The Industrial Business Leadership Program (IBLP) is tailored to support the unique needs and opportunities of small industrial businesses in the South Bronx and Hunts Point region of New York City. Whether a business is currently in the midst of adapting to change, pursuing growth, or looking ahead to succession, the IBLP will empower and guide industrial business leaders to create resilient and thriving industrial businesses that provide quality jobs and economic vitality in their regions. The program is delivered through formal training sessions, intimate CEO roundtables, subsidized consulting by professional service providers and one-on-one coaching. Topics covered include: emerging from the COVID-19 pandemic, risk and opportunity assessment, business model design, operations, leadership and change management, growth financing, and building business resiliency.