Business Advisory Services

TruFund’s business advisory services are designed to provide training and counsel directly to small businesses, as well as consulting services to institutional stakeholders, to help build the capacity of local entrepreneurial ecosystems.

Entrepreneurs often benefit from expert guidance when planning and growing their businesses and in overcoming challenges that inevitably arise during the process. Also critical to small business success is the strength of the greater institutional environment in which they operate. Institutional stakeholders are better able to support a thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem when they have the right technical expertise, skills, and strategic planning. TruFund draws from its experience working with business communities nationwide to address the needs of both these groups. We believe we have an important role to play in creating an equitable, inclusive, and socially just entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Our business development services provide business owners with e-learning and in-person training, as well as one-on-one business advising tailored to their needs and goals.

We also provide focused education and advisement for our loan clients, supporting them from the application stage through the life of the loan and beyond. Our experienced and knowledgeable business development officers and client experience managers are prepared to serve small businesses entrepreneurs by providing assistance with:

  • Needs and goals assessments
  • Sales forecasting and cash flow projections
  • Financial accounting and recordkeeping
  • Cash flow management
  • Financial planning and decision making
  • Preparing for and accessing capital
  • Loan capital investment and utilization

Our capacity building services provide strategy and program consulting, professional development, and transfers of expertise to institutional stakeholders—such as government agencies, other Community Development Financial Institutions (CDFIs), incubators, and community-based organizations—to support their work in and for local business communities.

Engagements include:

  • Train-the-trainer services
  • Strategic planning and partnerships
  • Local entrepreneurial ecosystem assessment and planning
  • Business program design and curriculum development