Structured Lending & Investments (Tru-Capital)

TruFund manages impact funds to help strengthen under-served real estate developers focused on affordable housing.


The Structured Lending & Investments (“SL&I”) team operates an impact fund platform for TruFund. All investments are managed under the umbrella of Tru-Capital Investment Fund and its affiliates (“Tru-Capital”), which is wholly owned by TruFund. Through its funds, Tru-Capital seeks to empower businesses that have traditionally lacked access to capital and support from conventional sources. To date, its efforts have been focused on real estate developers who work primarily on affordable housing projects.

SL&I, through Tru-Capital, manages multiple funds, including the Impact Developers Fund (“IDF”). IDF aims to address systemic inequity by providing access to flexible, patient equity capital to historically under-resourced affordable housing developers, including but not limited to BIPOC and/or women developers. For more information, please visit our IDF page here.

Structured Lending & Investments Team

Seth Manoff

Senior Vice President | Director of Structured Lending & Investments

Zihan Xiong

Assistant Vice President | Manager Impact Investments

Jerrel Duffy, Jr.

Vice President | Impact Investments