New York | New Jersey

TruFund Financial in New York and New Jersey seeks to apply our financial and business assistance resources to revitalize underserved communities. We offer a robust array of services to small businesses and nonprofit organizations throughout New York’s five boroughs and New Jersey’s counties and municipalities.

Among its varied resources, TruFund Financial offers loans, business advisory services, and networking opportunities. In New York and New Jersey, TruFund targets minority- and women-owned construction, retail, nonprofit organizations, and professional service small businesses in historically underserved low-to-moderate income communities such as the South Bronx, Central and East Harlem, Yonkers, Mt. Vernon, Hempstead, Brooklyn’s Bedford-Stuyvesant, and Crown Heights.

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Partner Initiatives & Small Business Resources

TruFund works actively with partners in the ecosystem to support our small business clients and their communities. By way of client referrals, co-sponsored events or special programs and initiatives to deliver products or services, TruFund works closely...

Small Business Lending In New York | New Jersey

TruFund provides affordable and responsible capital to small businesses and nonprofit organizations in New York City, Nassau and Suffolk counties, and the regions of Mid-Hudson, Western New York and The Finger Lakes...

Business Advisory Services

Whether a business is just starting up or is established, an understanding of the fundamentals of small business financial management can always be strengthened. TruFund’s Financial Empowerment program helps business owners take control...

TruImpact® in New York | New Jersey

Through our business advisory services and programs, small business lending, and partner initiatives, TruFund Financial Services, Inc. has made a #TruImpact in the lives of underserved small businesses and the communities they serve in New York and New Jersey...