All In One Building Maintenance & Construction

“With COVID-19 came very challenging times and personal hardships for families, employees, and business owners. All In One Building Maintenance & Construction LLC was one of many small businesses that was affected by the pandemic. Despite of these unfortunate circumstances, we are still able to be productive thanks to TruFund. The staff was professional, friendly, and concerned about assisting us in the continuance of AIO, helping us to further our daily operations. With much appreciation, we want to thank TruFund!”
—Dowayne Mouton,
President & CEO
All In One Building Maintenance & Construction LLC

The Mouton family business started with Joseph Mouton’s handyman services over 50 years ago. Dowayne took the trades he learned from his father and opened a maintenance service. Through the years, he taught his son Dowayne Mouton the trades of his business. As years passed, he ventured from maintenance, eventually working his way into full-scale commercial projects. Dowayne Mouton, owner of All In One Building Maintenance & Construction LLC, started providing construction services over 20 years ago. Dowayne Mouton has been committed to servicing the community with residential projects. Services offered by AIO include new construction, concrete, drywall, painting, carpentry, flooring, roofing, framework, foundations, interior design, and disaster restoration. With this versatility, the company developed a reputation for quality and grew a strong recurring customer base. In 2018, Djuan Mouton followed in his father’s footsteps and created a second-generation incorporated construction company.