Cassandre's journey from the corporate world to becoming the owner and general manager of Lakou Cafe in Weeksville, Brooklyn, is an inspiring tale of transformation and community impact. Recognizing the need for a space that would bring the community together, offer healthy food options, and promote community pride, she leveraged her background in finance, law, and business to create a unique Haitian fusion vegan-friendly cafe.

Lakou Cafe, the only establishment of its kind in New York City and much of the United States, has become a beacon for food enthusiasts and a source of local pride. Through her commitment and dedication, Cassandre has not only provided a place for the neighborhood to connect but also fostered business growth, including cafe product sales, catering, and event rentals. Now, with the support of a RAP loan, she is poised to secure the future of Lakou Cafe, make energy-efficient improvements, and continue serving the community. Cassandre's experience, hands-on learning, and community engagement demonstrate her unwavering commitment to the cafe's long-term success and her vision for continued growth in a vibrant, up-and-coming neighborhood.