Mayan Financial LLC has been delivering exceptional tax and accounting services to the Houston, Texas community for over three years. Specializing in assisting native Spanish speakers, Mayan Financial provides a unique blend of comfort and expertise to its clients. 

According to Chief Executive Officer Percy Pelaez, the company has greatly benefited from its partnership with TruFund. Pelaez emphasizes the crucial role TruFund plays in enabling Mayan Financial to continue serving customers during challenging times of reduced demand. "In these difficult times, demand has dropped, but thanks to the resources of TruFund, our partnership has allowed us to persist and make progress," Pelaez explained. 

Starting from a kiosk and expanding into a full-fledged office, Mayan Financial LLC has implemented a successful work strategy that has resulted in substantial growth. Pelaez highlights, "Over the past years, we have experienced growth ranging between 20 to 30 percent." He attributes this growth to increased advertising, emphasizing the dynamic improvements on their website and the creation of marketing campaigns that generate client leads. 

For Pelaez, the timing and location of TruFund's involvement were perfect. He describes the partnership as the ideal combination, stating, "We are the product, but TruFund is the resource that helped us reach a broader market." Mayan Financial's success story is a testament to the positive impact of their collaboration with TruFund.