TRUIMPACT STORY | Tre’s Street Kitchen

In the face of adversity, some entrepreneurs not only survive but thrive, showcasing remarkable resilience and innovation. Kristen Smith, co-founder of Tre’s Street Kitchen, embodies this spirit as she shares the inspiring journey of her business's evolution and the pivotal role played by TruFund Financial Services along the way.

Established in 2020, Tre’s Street Kitchen began as a humble food truck, adorned in vibrant yellow and red, serving the Baton Rouge community. However, driven by increasing demand and unwavering dedication, Tre’s Kitchen quickly expanded its horizons. Today, it stands as a versatile food service contracting company, catering to a diverse clientele ranging from university athletics to corporate events.

"TruFund came into our lives at the perfect moment! We were stretched thin, facing challenges in seizing additional opportunities," remarks Smith. "Now, thanks to TruFund, we have the capital for equipment and other enhancements that will elevate the quality of our services."

Smith and her fiancé, Tremaine Devine, strategically steered the company's successful growth. Yet, managing a flourishing business amidst a pandemic posed its own set of challenges. Kristen underscores the significant impact of TruFund's partnership.

"An increase in cash flow was crucial. It enabled us to hire more employees and pursue additional contracting opportunities. We even enlisted a photographer to showcase our menu – these steps are instrumental in scaling the business as we envision," explains Kristen.

She also lauds TruFund's transparency and hands-on approach, contrasting it with traditional lending experiences. Kristen emphasizes the invaluable guidance provided by TruFund, particularly through their Business Development Office (BDO) whose support extended beyond financial assistance to encompass mentorship and community engagement.

"We collaborated with our BDO for about six to seven months, and his patience was exceptional," Kristen shares. "He offered transparent insights into the entire process, from start to finish. He wasn't just a face behind a screen; he was fully engaged and hands-on."

Empowered by the financial resources provided by TruFund, the Advancing Cities Initiative and the partnership between the Community Manager at Chase Bank, Kristen and Tremaine envision a future marked by continued expansion, innovation, and meaningful community engagement.