Children’s Language Center, L.L.C.

“TruFund has allowed me to use the COVID-19 maze of confusion as a time for reflection, preparation, and mobilization. I have met team players for Children’s Language Center, L.L.C. who are as committed to my survival and longevity as the children and families I service. In so doing, TruFund approved Children’s Language Center for a PPP loan as soon as its lending services began. I cannot thank TruFund enough … Their staff, programming, and services for small business owners are impeccable.”
— Michea Rahman,
Owner, Children’s Language Center LLC

Children’s Language Center, LLC provides quality services for children with autism, language delays, articulation, fluency/stuttering, and reading difficulties to historically underserved communities in the Houston area. It uses the Developmental, Individual-differences, and Relationship-based (DIR) Floortime model, developed by child psychiatrist Dr. Stanley Greenspace, to increase language skills in children with a variety of diagnoses. DIR is a pathway to promote healthy development in a respectful manner that builds connections, understanding, love, communication, and engagement.

While the neighborhoods the Children’s Language Center serves are heavily populated with families of small and school-aged children, due to traditionally low-income levels, quality clinical therapeutic services have not been available. As one of the few clinics accepting Medicaid and new patients, the Children’s Language Center provides exceptional speech therapy services designed around the individual needs of each child.