Rhodes Pressure Cleaning Services

"The loan I received from TruFund Financial Services enabled me to develop and expand my business.  Their advice helped me to stay smart about how to go after new business."

 Lamont Rhodes, Owner

Rhodes Pressure Cleaning Service



Their Business

Rhodes Pressure Cleaning Service, a pressure washing and detailing business was established in 2012 to provide pressure washing and detailing primarily to 18-wheelers.

Mr. Rhodes, a resident of the Black Belt in Alabama, was laid off from his job during the economic downturn when his employer shut down operations. Rhodes decided to start his own company.

After attending one of TruFund’s Black Belt Small Business Academy workshops in Greensboro, Alabama, Rhodes talked to one of TruFund’s Advisory Board members about growing his business.  Being encouraged to speak with TruFund staff about the business he had successfully operated and now wanted to expand, Rhodes found that TruFund was able to help him develop a vision and marketing plan plus obtain his certification as a minority contractor.

 In 2013, Trufund loaned Rhodes the capital he needed to purchase a new vehicle which enabled Rhodes Pressure Cleaning Service to serve a larger market and increase operating capacity.

As a result of obtaining minority-owned business certification, Rhodes recently responded to a RFP from

a large utility company to pressure wash close to 450,000 square feet.

In 2015, Mr. Rhodes purchased a truck and trailer so he could keep up with the increased demand for his pressure washing and detailing business. During these expansions, Rhodes has been able to add an employee as well.