Studio 2H Design

“The merger has been a tremendous success.  Thanks to TruFund we were able to finance the merging of two firms and better handle the cost of managing a growing list of projects.”


The Business

Studio 2H Design was established in 2015 when the owners, Creig Hoskins and Nolanda Hatcher, merged their two firms. Between them the owners have over 57 years of architectural experience.   Hatcher’s prior firm had been operating 13 years and Hoskins firm 24 years.   The firm is headquartered in Birmingham Alabama and operates a satellite office in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.  The Company is a Minority owned firm specializing in Community planning, building programming and design and interior design and has the capacity to provide Project Management Services for a wide range of projects.

The two firms merged to realize operating synergies and to achieve the economies of scale associated with a larger firm.  The owners were responsible for producing the work and marketing at their previous firms.  The merger has allowed more time for the owners to market which has caused 300% growth in the Company’s project pipeline.  TruFund provided a mobilization loan to help finance the growth associated with the new operation. This loan helped retain 3 jobs, while creating one new job.