TruImpact Story: “Even though I have experience in web design, it was helpful to get another strong marketing perspective, thank you TruFund.”

Heather Falls is a female business strategist that aims to empower and teach mom business owners and entrepreneurs how to grow their dream business with confidence and clarity while spending more time with their family. Her passion is helping other moms bridge the gap so that they do not have to choose between a career and their children. Over the past 15 years, she has worked in many industries, including: retail, fashion, food, and healthcare. In August 2021, Heather left the corporate world where she worked in sales, marketing, and healthcare management. Heather participated in TruFund’s Empower by GoDaddy program to widen her perspective on digital marketing.

In 2021, during the Covid pandemic, Heather and her husband welcomed their miracle baby boy. With a new perspective on life as a result of the pandemic, as well as being a mom to a newborn, Heather realized that she wanted to pursue a career that would allow her to be a creative leader and spend more time with her family while empowering other moms in business to do the same. Leveraging her business planning and marketing expertise, she started Heather Falls, LLC. Heather works with both local Alabama businesses, as well as companies overseas to strengthen their business operations and build an empowering team. Although the virtual setting has made networking locally difficult for Heather, it has allowed her to reach clients around the world.

Despite her extensive knowledge of marketing prior to joining Empower, Heather greatly benefited from the program. She was able to connect with other local business owners in the cohort during the program and receive individualized assistance from TruFund and GoDaddy. “Even though I have experience in web design, it was helpful to get another strong marketing perspective as well as build on my current skillset and learn from another leader in digital marketing. In my professional opinion, it is important in business to grow and network whenever possible. To have the opportunity to speak with someone one to one about my business and ask questions specifically related to me was a wonderful opportunity.” With the knowledge acquired and reinforced through the Empower by GoDaddy Program, Heather continues to carry out her mission of empowering other mom entrepreneurs and business owners by getting them laser-focused on their dreams and goals and helping them create a simple strategy to get there.