TruImpact Story: “I feel like the HER in CertifyHER”

A certified financial educator, money coach, and speaker, Sharita Humphrey’s financial coaching inspires entrepreneurs from rural Texas to Namibia to unlock their financial acumen and growth. Since participating in TruFund’s 5-week CertifyHER program, Sharita and her namesake financial consulting company have been able to receive certifications and personal guidance on how to reach their full potential.

Sharita launched her brand in 2018 in Houston, Texas. After reaching a financial low point in her life, she was able to grow stronger after being equipped with financial knowledge and literacy. Furthermore, from her background as a tax examiner and auditor, she saw firsthand how the lack of personal and business financial knowledge can impact small business owners. Realizing that financial knowledge leads to financial empowerment, Sharita made it her mission to educate others on their finances so they can achieve financial freedom for both themselves and their businesses, inspiring her to launch her namesake financial consulting company.

Sharita is a certified NFEC Certified Financial Education Instructor. With ample experience with tax auditing and accounting, Sharita uses her background to work with small businesses, minorities, and women to help them better understand and manage their money.

After being recommended by a friend, Sharita participated in CertifyHER, a five-week program that provides small group and individualized support in preparing for and applying for the Women-Owned Small Business Certification (WOSB); along with guidance on identifying further opportunities.  When Sharita started the program, she was beginning the process of receiving various federal certifications – a process that can be obscure and complicated. However, through CertifyHER, a TruFund program officer walked Sharita through each of the steps, allowing the certification process to be smooth and informative. Sharita was also able to get personalized feedback on how to position her mission and messaging, leaving her feeling “extremely confident that I can secure more contracts.”

Since participating in the CertifyHER program, Sharita has expanded her brand overseas to empower people around the globe with the power of financial literacy. Sharita is currently working on major projects with U.S. Department of State as a business financial literacy speaker in conjunction with the U.S. Embassy in Namibia and soon, Ghana. She was named the 2020 National Financial Educator of the Year by the NFEC for her community work across the country, as well as being featured in numerous media including CNBC, iHeartMedia, Forbes, Yahoo Finance, and BBC World News.

As Sharita and her brand continue to expand and flourish, she was able to add five diverse women onto her team. “This program made me feel like a CEO. I feel like the HER in CertifyHER.”