TRUIMPACT STORY | Jitaol Engineering

Headquartered in Fort Worth Texas, Jitaol Engineering is a versatile engineering company with more than 50 years of combined personnel experience. From construction to several forms of engineering services, professionals at Jitaol Engineering work to provide proven results for their client’s complex and challenging needs.  

Theophilus Maku, President at Jitaol Engineering, says that when it came to finding resources to help the company stay in touch with the needs of an evolving market, TruFund Financial Service was the perfect partner for the job.   

“TruFund was able to refinance our loan and we were able to obtain finance for cash flow," said Maku. "At the same time, we were able to open an office in San Antonio with an engineer on site, and the funding from TruFund helped us achieve those goals.”  

Since 2019, Jitaol Engineering has completed multiple projects throughout Texas and has more than 70 projects under design. TruFund’s help was crucial because, according to Maku, “the problem that we had before was harvesting funds for our projects. We had projects going on in the San Antonio area where we couldn’t afford to have an engineer to oversee it.  So, we were subcontracting orders to other companies. Now with the funding from TruFund, we were able to get funding there and that has been an amazing feat.”  

Jitaol Engineering’s mission of providing quality service for their clients is driven by its satisfaction with partners it works with. “The funding from TruFund was quick number one,” Maku remarks, “and two, the interest rate is amazing. That has been a blessing in a way that has given us an opportunity to take the business to the next level.”