TRUIMPACT STORY | Leroy’s LipSmack’n Lemonade

In 2014, Leroy and Sherilyn Hayward embarked on a remarkable journey when they founded Leroy’s LipSmack'n Lemonade, a business born out of love and the desire to create a brighter future for their autistic son, Leroy Hayward III. Their inspirational story begins in 2012 when young Leroy was just a boy, and it's a testament to the power of family, community support, and entrepreneurship.

The roots of Leroy's LipSmack'n Lemonade can be traced back to their involvement in Lemonade Day Louisiana, an annual event aimed at teaching children the fundamentals of entrepreneurship. Inspired by the event and motivated to provide their son with a fulfilling future, the Haywards decided to take a leap of faith and turn their passion for lemonade into a full-fledged business venture.

With TruFund's support, they were able to secure a loan of $32,000, which was instrumental in purchasing a refrigerated truck. This seemingly modest investment would prove to be a game-changer. The acquisition of the truck enabled them to establish a distribution network, forming partnerships with regional grocery stores like Rouses and Save a Lot. This marked the beginning of their journey to bring their lip-smacking lemonade to a wider audience, not only in Louisiana but also in Mississippi, Alabama, and Texas.

Their growth was nothing short of remarkable, and they soon found themselves proudly operating a kiosk at the iconic LSU Tiger Stadium, an achievement that showcased the depth of their success and popularity in the region.
The year 2022 brought with it a well-deserved honor, as Leroy's LipSmack'n Lemonade was crowned the winner of the National Urban League's Small Business Matters Pitch Competition.

TruFund played a crucial role in this achievement, having been with them every step of the way. The support and guidance provided by TruFund were instrumental in helping Leroy’s LipSmack'n Lemonade reach new heights and expand their horizons. Their involvement and investment in the business made this incredible journey possible. But the story doesn't end there. Recently, the Haywards received exciting news – they joined a procurement event where they met a representative from Walt Disney World.

TruFund and Leroy's LipSmack'n Lemonade are exploring new opportunities to further enhance their business. A possible new loan is on the horizon, this time for a substantial $2 million, which would facilitate the purchase of commercial real estate.

The journey of Leroy’s LipSmack'n Lemonade is a testament to the power of family, community, and the unwavering support of organizations like TruFund. It's a story of hope, ambition, and the extraordinary things that can happen when people come together to turn a dream into a thriving reality.