TruImpact Story: “The part I was most fearful about was gathering the paperwork, but TruFund made it easy.”

  • Minority & Woman-owned
  • PPP allowed Dr. Toaston to sustain her practice
  • Could not receive loan through her business bank but smooth process with TruFund

Dr. Tanisha Toaston is an independent contracted physician specializing in physical, rehabilitation, and spinal cord injury medicine at a rehabilitation hospital in Bedford, Texas.

With the onset of Covid, she saws a decline in patient activity at the hospital due to a broader decline in elective procedures. As an independent contracted physician, when the number of her patients dropped, her income declined as well.

Dr. Toaston initially applied for PPP funding through her business bank, however after an arduous and confusing process of submitting paperwork, she was denied her PPP loan. After this disappointing outcome, she was referred to TruFund. TruFund made the process less intimidating and more straightforward, allowing Dr. Toaston to receive the loan in a timely manner. As a result of the loan, Dr. Toaston was able to support herself during the slowdown of in-person patient activity due to her inability to physically go into the hospital due to Covid precautions.

“The part I was most fearful about was the gathering of the paperwork, and TruFund made it easy. The TruFund loan processor had her checklist and told me what to do and that it was going to be fine. They had a way of making me feel like it was going to be okay. When you start to hear about PPP on TV it was pretty intimidating because I’m not a big company with a lot of employees. The processor reassured me that I deserve it too. It made me feel like it was going to be okay. We were able to get it in a timely manner and it didn’t feel super pressured so that made it easier than it could have been.”