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TruFund Joins CDFI Friendly Forth Worth Initiative

Fort Worth, TX – April 28, 2022 – TruFund Financial Services, Inc. (TruFund) a Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI), along with the City of Fort Worth, today announces partnership with new CDFI Friendly Fort Worth Initiative.  Formally launched in January 2022, CDFI Friendly Fort Worth aims to connect small business owners and others with affordable […]

TruImpact Story: “Through TruFund’s RAP product, I was able to make my dream of commercial real estate ownership a reality”

Brad Hitchens, owner of Salon 623 recently made his dream of owning commercial property in North Baton Rouge, Louisiana a reality.  Brad is a professional barber by trade and has been in this industry since he was 17. After years of experience, he decided to expand his entrepreneurial endeavors to create a space that will […]

TruImpact Story: “Even though I have experience in web design, it was helpful to get another strong marketing perspective, thank you TruFund.” Heather Falls is a female business strategist that aims to empower and teach mom business owners and entrepreneurs how to grow their dream business with confidence and clarity while spending more time with their family. Her passion is helping other moms bridge the gap so that they do not have to choose between a […]

TruImpact Story: “My wellness center is still standing because I had access to capital.”

Impact Highlights: Woman-owned business MBE Women’s health private practice serving Third Ward of Houston PPP allowed Dr. Richmond to maintain her practice & wellness center, pay staff, continue to see patients during Covid shutdowns Dr. Teriya Richmond, MD, MPH, PLLC is a female African American physician specializing in women’s heath, delivering high-quality medical care to […]

TruImpact Story: “The part I was most fearful about was gathering the paperwork, but TruFund made it easy.”

Minority & Woman-owned PPP allowed Dr. Toaston to sustain her practice Could not receive loan through her business bank but smooth process with TruFund Dr. Tanisha Toaston is an independent contracted physician specializing in physical, rehabilitation, and spinal cord injury medicine at a rehabilitation hospital in Bedford, Texas. With the onset of Covid, she saws […]

TruImpact Story: “I went from making good tea to actually knowing how to run a business.”

Joell Regal, founder and owner of Royaltea in Birmingham, Alabama participated in TruFund’s Business at the B.E.A.C.H program. “Business at the B.E.A.C.H turned my whole operation around. I went from making good tea to actually knowing how to run a business.” Joell realized she should start selling her homemade iced tea when it became a […]

TruImpact Story: “I feel like the HER in CertifyHER” A certified financial educator, money coach, and speaker, Sharita Humphrey’s financial coaching inspires entrepreneurs from rural Texas to Namibia to unlock their financial acumen and growth. Since participating in TruFund’s 5-week CertifyHER program, Sharita and her namesake financial consulting company have been able to receive certifications and personal guidance on how to reach their […]

TruImpact Story: Anita Craig Owner of Trvl Love Koffee Shares How Participating in the EMPOWER by Go Daddy Program at TruFund Has Changed Her Business

Since she was little, Anita Craig had always dreamed of owning a moving bakery where she could share her love for coffee and baked goods. Anita worked as an engineering technologist prior to starting her business; however, because of pandemic budget cuts she lost her job at her company. Anita realized that this was the […]

The Community Preservation Corporation and TruFund Financial Services, Inc. Launch $6 Million Joint Venture to Empower New York State BIPOC Housing Developers

 CPC-TruFund BIPOC Developers Equity Fund will invest equity capital and technical assistance to help emerging BIPOC housing developers grow their businesses New York, NY, October 18, 2021 — The Community Preservation Corporation (CPC), a nonprofit multifamily finance company, and TruFund Financial Services (TruFund), a nonprofit that provides affordable loan capital to small businesses and nonprofits, […]

Lemor Development Group Receives Equity Investment from TruFund’s Impact Developers Fund to Accelerate Growth

New York, New York, October 14, 2021 – TruFund Financial Services, Inc. (“TruFund”), a Community Development Financial Institution located in New York City today announced that it has made an equity investment in Lemor Development Group, LLC, a Black-owned real estate development firm headquartered in New York, NY that specializes in the development and management […]