Nade Coulibaly-Doucoure is a dynamic business owner whose journey of growth and resilience has been significantly bolstered by her strategic partnership with TruFund. With a passion for creating job opportunities and improving her community, Coulibaly-Doucoure has successfully established two thriving businesses: a janitorial cleaning service and a maintenance company specializing in painting, tile floor installation, and wallpaper installation. 

The turning point in her entrepreneurial journey came when she received a loan from TruFund. This financial boost enabled her to transition from a home-based setup to having two dedicated office spaces, marking a pivotal upgrade in her business operations. "These funds came at the right time," Coulibaly-Doucoure recalls, "I invested in two offices for my companies and bought essential equipment for my maintenance business. This shift has allowed us to perform tasks more efficiently and professionally." 

Beyond the financial support, TruFund provided Coulibaly-Doucoure with valuable training programs that enhanced her business management skills, particularly in pricing strategies and employee retention. She emphasized the importance of accurate pricing, which TruFund helped her master: "If you don’t price perfectly, you will always miss opportunities. TruFund definitely helped me with the pricing method, which has been instrumental in winning significant projects." 

The impact of TruFund's support extends to employee management as well. Coulibaly-Doucoure learned strategies to retain employees even when full-time work was not available. By offering flexible work schedules, she maintained a committed workforce ready to take on projects as they arose. This approach has been crucial for sustaining her businesses and ensuring quality service delivery. 

Coulibaly-Doucoure's businesses, established in 2014 and incorporated in 2018, with a second company launched in 2022, exemplify her dedication to growth and community development. "The more you have, the more you want to create job opportunities for other people," she notes, highlighting her commitment to creating jobs and supporting her community. 

Reflecting on her partnership with TruFund, Coulibaly-Doucoure expresses deep gratitude: "TruFund is always ready to assist me financially, even in challenging times. It's more than profit; it's about achieving something meaningful." Her journey showcases how strategic financial support and effective business training can transform entrepreneurial dreams into reality, fostering growth and community impact. 

In summary, Nade Coulibaly-Doucoure's story is one of determination, strategic growth, and community focus. With TruFund's support, she has not only built successful businesses but also created valuable job opportunities, driving positive change in her community.